Scammers Targeting the Area Using West Wilson Utility District’s Name

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Mt. Juliet Police want to ensure the community is aware of a scam that is going around using the name of West Wilson Utility District. The scammers are calling individuals and businesses, identifying themselves as an employee of West Wilson Utility District. During the call, the scammer is threatening to turn off the customer’s water if they do not pay a past-due bill. The scammer then attempts to get the business or individual to make payment through a third-party processing agency.

The police department reached out to West Wilson Utility District regarding the scam. They stated that they never call and ask for businesses or individuals to remit payment through a third-party processing agency.

If anyone has any questions about their water service or West Wilson Utility District, they can be reached at (615) 758-5682 or, after hours, at (615) 758-2840. West Wilson Utility District encourages the community to never make a payment or give out their personal information unless they confirm the identity of the person they are speaking with.