Mt. Juliet Police Launch Safe Return Program for Special Needs, Vulnerable Persons

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Mt. Juliet Police have rolled out a voluntary registry that will assist officers in quickly locating persons with special needs or vulnerabilities who wander away or go missing. Mt. Juliet Police Department’s Safe Return Program is a registry that can provide pertinent and critical information regarding a loved one, which will aid law enforcement in identifying an individual should they wander from their home or come in contact with police.

“This program is strictly voluntary with the sole purpose to recover a loved one as swift and safe as possible. In the unlikely event that someone’s family member wanders away, our officers will already have the necessary information needed to conduct a thorough and extensive search,” stated Chief James Hambrick.

The registry is available, but not limited to, children or adults who suffer from Autism, Down syndrome, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s that live in Mt. Juliet or visit frequently. Family members can register their loved one online at, under Programs.

“Having a family member go missing is a very stressful event. This program also relieves a family member of having to try to locate the pertinent information during a time of stress, and it allows the family to focus on locating the loved one,” stated Lieutenant Tyler Chandler.

During the planning of this program, the police department collaborated with members of the Del Webb – Lake Providence community, and their insight was a valuable step into the program’s implementation. The launch of the program was announced this morning at the Del Webb – Lake Providence Women’s Club meeting, and it was greeted with cheers.

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Program Information and Registry Portal: .