Community Prayer Service for Fallen Officers Tomorrow at Police Headquarters & Message from the Chief of Police

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Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – The public is invited to attend a brief service tomorrow that will honor the sacrifices of Sgt. Jerry Mundy, Deputy John Musice, and the officers who were tragically targeted in Dallas. The service will begin at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 9, 2016 at Mt. Juliet Police Headquarters, located at 1019 Charlie Daniels Parkway.

Mt. Juliet area clergy members will lead the brief service and show of solidarity in front of police headquarters. The service will honor and remember Mt. Juliet Sergeant Mundy and Wilson County Deputy Musice, who were killed in the line of duty on July 9, 2003. In addition, the service will honor members of law enforcement who lost their lives during the Dallas attack.

Message from Police Chief James Hambrick:

To the Mt. Juliet community and our visitors,

We are all devastated by the tragic events across our nation, and words cannot begin to properly express how heavy our hearts are. These tragedies will have a lasting impact on so many families, children, friends, co-workers, and communities. There is never justification for taking innocent lives, and our communities must come together during these moments and unite so we can strengthen peace in our nation. Tomorrow, our community will come together to pray that comfort, peace, and unity will come to everyone impacted by such events.

Every member of the Mt. Juliet Police Department is blessed to serve such a supportive community. They are the most dedicated law enforcement officers and staff that I know, and each of them work so hard to gain and maintain the community’s trust in treating everyone with respect and the utmost dignity. Please pray for their safety as they put on their uniform, put their lives on the line,  and make the sacrifices they do to keep us safe every day.

Our department is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from everyone, who are showing their support for law enforcement as a response to the awful, heartbreaking tragedy in Dallas. The support has been tremendous, and it continues to encourage the officers who selflessly protect Mt. Juliet every day. We are all very appreciative for the support and many acts of kindness. We are all honored to serve Mt. Juliet and its visitors.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and allowing us to serve you,

James A. Hambrick, PhD.


Shoplifters Push Shopping Carts Full of Electronics Out of the Fire Exit; Detectives Need Help Identifying Suspects

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Detectives need help identifying two suspects who stole nearly $2,000.00 of electronics from Walmart. On June 20, 2016 around 11:30 a.m., surveillance at Walmart, located at 300 Pleasant Grove Road, captured two men pushing shopping carts filled with three televisions and three security camera systems out of the fire exit.

Loss prevention reviewed surveillance after it was noticed that electronics were missing, which revealed two unknown men stole the items. The suspects parked a white 2006 to 2014 year model Chevrolet Impala near the fire exit for a quick escape, and all of their actions were captured on surveillance.

walmart6 walmart4 walmart2 walmart3 walmart1

Suspect Vehicle

Suspect Vehicle

Investigators hope someone in the community may have information about the suspects. Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .


Man Uses Stolen ATM Card to Withdraw Cash

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Detectives want to identify a man that used a stolen ATM card to withdraw cash from someone else’s account. The unknown man withdrew over $800 in cash from the ATM, located at US Bank on Pleasant Grove Road, on Monday, June 13, 2016.  The bank’s surveillance system captured the man in the act, and detectives hope someone in the community will recognize him.

2016 06 12 00 56 32

2016 06 12 00 57 05

If anyone has a feeling that they possibly know the suspect responsible for this crime, they are encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .


Officer Involved in Car Crash Overnight, Struck By Suspected Impaired Driver

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – A Mt. Juliet police officer was involved in an early morning head-on crash, struck by a suspected impaired driver. On Sunday, July 3, 2016 around 2:15 a.m. on Weakley Lane near Rockdale Fellowship Road, an officer was travelling home when he was hit head-on by vehicle travelling the wrong way in his lane. In an effort to reduce impact force, the officer attempted to come to a near stop just before the car collided with the patrol car. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries as a result of the crash.

Photo Jul 03, 2 59 46 AM (1)

Per department protocol, the Tennessee Highway Patrol responded to investigate the incident. The driver and other occupant in the vehicle are facing multiple charges from the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The officer was treated on the scene by an EMT for non-life-threatening injuries.

Photo Jul 03, 2 51 38 AM (1)

Photo Jul 03, 2 54 05 AM (1)


Fraudulent Use of Credit Card Suspect Sought by Investigators

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Investigators are hoping someone will recognize a suspect who fraudulently used stolen credit card information. On Saturday, June 4, 2016 the victim was notified by their credit card company about fraudulent activity, and it became apparent to the victim that the card information was fraudulently used at Target, located at 401 S. Mt. Juliet Road, to purchase around $340.00 in merchandise that day.

Investigators tracked when the credit card was used and were able to obtain surveillance video of the suspect using the card. Wearing teal green scrubs, a black female suspect, who appears to be in her mid 20’s to late 30’s years of age, used the victim’s card.



The female suspect arrived and departed Target in a white new-model Chevrolet Equinox.


If anyone has a feeling that they possibly know the suspect responsible for this crime, they are encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .


Suspect Caught On Camera Attempting to Burglarize Market

Photo Jun 28, 8 26 33 PM

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – A man, who attempted to burglarize a market, was caught on surveillance camera in the act. Detectives are hoping someone in the community can identify a man who attempted to burglarize the Corner Market, located at 20 Benders Ferry Road, on June 25, 2016 around 1:30 a.m. An adult white male suspect, with multiple tattoos across his body, wearing a grey tank top and blue jean shorts, attempted to gain entry to the market. During the attempted burglary an audible alarm system activated, startling the suspect. He ran away eastbound on Lebanon Road.

CornerMarketImage1 CornerMarketImage2 CornerMarketImage3 CornerMarketImage4 CornerMarketImage5

Detectives believe someone in the community can easily identify the suspect due to his distinct tattoos. If anyone has a feeling that they possibly know the suspect responsible for this crime, they are encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .


Police Review Suspicious Man Complaint at Publix, Make Contact with Man and Find No Reason to Believe He Had Criminal Intentions

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – After investigating a complaint about a suspicious man at a local grocery store, who was perceived and described to be on a mission to abduct children, police have determined that the man had no criminal intentions. On Monday, June 20, 2016 the police department was made aware of a social media post on Facebook that was posted by an adult female describing her interaction with the man, alleging he was on a mission to take her children. Due to the serious nature of the allegation and rising public concern, a member of the police department reached out to the female to encourage her to file a report so it could be properly investigated.

After an officer spoke to the complainant, it was determined that the odd interaction took place at Publix, located at 665 S. Mt. Juliet Road, on the morning of Monday, June 20, 2016. Publix management assisted officers in identifying the alleged suspect, and the older man was located living at a local assisted living community. Officers interviewed the man about the odd interaction, and he became visibly upset because it was not his intentions to upset anyone in the alleged manner. Officers determined that the man did not have any criminal or harmful intentions during his interaction with the complainant. All facts point to the older man having a difficult time adjusting to current and proper social behavior due to his life situation.

“Anytime we are made aware about a possible safety concern in our community, it is our duty to quickly and properly investigate the matter so we can determine all facts surrounding the situation,” stated Lieutenant Tyler Chandler. “We encourage everyone to immediately notify us first if they encounter a situation that they believe to be suspicious or harmful.”

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Three Theft Suspects Work Together to Distract Employees and Steal Store’s Cash

File Jun 21, 2 37 33 PM

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Detectives are looking to identify three suspects that worked together to distract employees and steal cash from a local wine and spirits store. On Saturday, June 11, 2016, officers were summoned to Mt. Juliet Wine and Spirits, located at 11344 Lebanon Road, to investigate a theft that had just occurred around 4:45 p.m. It appears that three men executed a well-planned theft, distracting employees, to steal the store’s cash within minutes.

Further investigation and a review of surveillance video, revealed all three suspects entered and exited the store at different times. Two of the suspects distracted both of the employees while the third suspect entered the back office and stole an undisclosed amount of cash.

The store’s high-quality surveillance system captured the suspects’ actions. Detectives hope someone in the community will recognize the suspects so they can be apprehended.

Anyone with any information regarding this crime is encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at .

Suspect One

Suspect One

Suspect One

Suspect One

Suspect Two

Suspect Two

Suspect Two

Suspect Two

Suspect Three

Suspect Three

Suspect Three

Suspect Three


Mt. Juliet Police Remind Residents of Firework Safety & City Ordinances


Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – The  Mt. Juliet Police Department is reminding residents to be careful while discharging fireworks in order to avoid injuries and noise violations as Independence Day approaches.

Fireworks can be a lot of fun and full of excitement, but they can be very dangerous if they are not used safely. It is imperative that fireworks be handled with care to avoid serious burns, eye damage, and even life-threatening injuries. Premature denotation and misuse of fireworks are responsible for many burn injuries every year, which all could be avoided with proper and safe handling.  Safety should be everyone’s priority, and parents should always supervise juveniles who are using fireworks. The Mt. Juliet Police Department urges residents to be careful, follow safety precautions, and abide by city ordinances during their holiday celebrations.

In Mt. Juliet, it is unlawful to sell or use fireworks in the city limits except from June 20th through July 5th and December 10th through January 2nd. During this holiday season, fireworks cannot be discharged or used between the hours of 10:00PM – 10:00AM. In addition, fireworks cannot be sold or given to any person under the age of 18. It is permissible for juveniles to use fireworks only if a parent is supervising the activity. Failure to comply with Mt. Juliet’s City Code regulating fireworks could result in a $188.00 fine.

The National Council on Fireworks Safety offers these common sense safety tips for using consumer fireworks in the hopes that injuries can be greatly reduced:

  • Parents and caretakers should always closely supervise juveniles if they are using fireworks.
  • Parents should not allow young children to handle or use fireworks.
  • Fireworks should only be used outdoors.
  • Always have water ready if you are shooting fireworks.
  • Know your fireworks. Read the caution label before igniting.
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.
  • Wear safety glasses whenever using fireworks.
  • Never relight a “dud” firework. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Soak spent fireworks with water before placing them in an outdoor garbage can.
  • Avoid using homemade fireworks or illegal explosives: They can kill you
  • Report illegal explosives, like M-80s and quarter sticks, to the fire or police department.

And note these special safety tips, if using sparklers:

  • Always remain standing while using sparklers.
  • Never hold a child in your arms while using sparklers.
  • Never hold, or light, more than one sparkler at a time.
  • Never throw sparklers.
  • Sparkler wire and stick remain hot long after the flame has gone out. Be sure to drop spent sparklers in a bucket of water.
  • Teach children not to wave sparklers, or run, while holding sparklers.

Enjoy your time with your friends and loved ones. Everyone at the Mt. Juliet Police Department wishes you a happy and safe Independence Day.


Police Review Suspicious Person Complaint at Goodwill, Find No Evidence to Substantiate Criminal Activity

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – After investigating and thoroughly reviewing a complaint that an adult male was attempting to lure a child away from his parent at Goodwill today, detectives have determined that there is no evidence to substantiate any criminal activity. On Monday, June 20, 2016 around 10:40 a.m., an officer responded to Goodwill, located at 1985 Providence Parkway West, to investigate a report about an attempted child abduction.

A mother stated to the investigating officer that she saw an adult male hand a toy to her 3-year-old son while the adult male was with, what appeared to be, his own son near the front registers. In addition, the mother stated to police that the man attempted to lure her child out the front door by telling the child to “come on”. This interaction prompted the mother to become concerned, and she notified police to investigate.

Due to the serious nature of the allegation, a detective from the Criminal Investigative Division responded to Goodwill to review all available evidence surrounding the interaction, including surveillance video. After reviewing video surveillance, it showed the man enter the store 20 minutes prior to the mother and her children arriving. However, the interaction between the man and the child was not captured on video. Surveillance video did capture the man walk out of the store after standing at the front register. There was no evidence found to substantiate any criminal activity associated with an attempted child abduction.

“It is obvious that the mother became concerned, and she acted appropriately in notifying the police department,” said Lieutenant Tyler Chandler. “We encourage everyone to report suspicious activity immediately so officers can properly look into the situation at all angles.”

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