Thunderstorms Kept Emergency Responders Busy Wednesday Afternoon

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – When strong storms moved through Mt. Juliet on Wednesday afternoon, Mt. Juliet Police & Fire began to respond to many weather-related incidents. The storms brought powerful winds that snapped large trees in half, toppled large limbs to the ground, and left power lines dangling. Tree damage was wide-spread and focused to the west of N. Mt. Juliet Road.

Around 1:40 p.m. police began to respond to many calls related to trees and power lines down in the roadway, which closed a few roads. The downed power lines caused transformers to catch fire, which required responses by Mt. Juliet Fire. In addition, Mt. Juliet Fire responded to two homes in the city limits that were reportedly struck by lightning, but never ignited. Wilson County Emergency Management (WEMA) requested mutual aid assistance at a house fire in the 100 block of Clark Drive, and Mt. Juliet Fire quickly responded to the scene to assist WEMA with their advanced firefighting equipment.

Thankfully, there was no serious structure damage nor injury caused by the storms. Throughout the stormy event, Mt. Juliet Police continued to update the community through its Nixle text-messaging system and on social media through Twitter and Facebook.

List of 8/20/14 Weather-Related Incidents

Photo Aug 20, 1 53 06 PM

Tree Damage on Page Dr

Photo Aug 20, 1 53 25 PM

Tree Damage on Page Dr

Photo Aug 20, 1 54 10 PM

Tree Damage on Larson Dr

Photo Aug 20, 1 55 11 PM

Tree Damage on Larson Dr

Photo Aug 20, 2 12 55 PM

Tree Damage on Old Lebanon Dirt Rd

Photo Aug 20, 2 17 30 PM

Power Pole Damage on Chandler-Radford Rd

Photo Aug 20, 2 31 57 PM

City Public Works Crew Clearing Tree from Road Near Willoughby Station Blvd

Photo Aug 20, 3 10 59 PM

Damage to Flag Display

Photo Aug 20, 4 54 14 PM

Tree Fell Onto a Car at Rutland Elementary

Photo Aug 20, 6 04 08 PM

Lt. Chandler Speaks to NES Crews Who Are Repairing Downed Power Lines

Photo Aug 20, 6 04 21 PM

NES Crews Repair Downed Power Lines on Chandler-Radford Rd