Mt. Juliet Special Census Underway, Door-to-Door Visits In-Progress


Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Official City of Mt. Juliet Census-Takers are out in neighborhoods and gathering info for the 2015 Special Census, an important count for state funding, city infrastructure, and emergency services planning. It is very helpful for city leaders to know the most accurate number of citizens residing in Mt. Juliet.

Census-Takers will be knocking on doors of households who did not respond to census requests by mail or electronically.

What to expect during the visit:

A knock at your door and only two questions:

What is the number of people in your home?

What are their first and last names?

Nothing else will be asked.

Census-Taker Identification:

Official City I.D. and Lime Green Reflective Vest

Door-to-Door Visit Hours:

Monday-Friday: 4P-8P | Saturday: 10A-8P | Sunday: 1P-8P | MLK Day: 10A-8P

It’s very important to the City of Mt. Juliet to get an accurate count of every citizen in Mt. Juliet. Population is how the State of Tennessee distributes funds to municipalities. Every person counted provides almost $98 to the city to be used for city services like parks, police, public works, fire, etc.

The City of Mt. Juliet appreciates everyone’s cooperation during this important count.