Car Burglary Suspects Caught on Camera Using Victim’s Credit Card

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Police officers were summoned to a daycare in the 80 block of S. Greenhill Road to investigate a car burglary on December 12, 2018, around 4:00 p.m. During the burglary, the thief(s) busted a window and stole a purse that was left in plain view. Credit cards, from the victim’s purse, were used within 20 minutes of the theft at a Kroger in Mt. Juliet.
Investigators were able to get surveillance video that recorded two suspects using the victim’s credit card. They later attempted to use the victim’s cards at a Kroger in Lebanon.

It was likely that the thieves specifically targeted the location because it is common for purses to be left in a vehicle. Thieves commonly frequent gyms, daycare centers, yoga studios, and gymnastic businesses in search of easy targets. Many times, vehicle burglary is a crime of opportunity that can be prevented if there is no opportunity for the thief to steal. Mt. Juliet Police encourage everyone, in all circumstances, to never leave items of value in plain view or their vehicle unlocked.

Anyone with any information about this crime is encouraged to call the Mt. Juliet Police Department at (615) 754-2550. Information can also be given anonymously by calling (615) 754-TIPS (8477) or via the Mt. Juliet Police Department website at