K9 Majlo Recovers from Injury & Returns to Full Duty

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – After being diagnosed with a potentially career-ending injury, K9 Majlo (“My-low”) has recovered and returned to full duty after receiving advanced care. In September of 2020, Majlo’s partner, Officer Chris Barth, noticed that Majlo raised his rear right leg as if he was in pain. Once the possible injury was noticed, Majlo was transported to his local veterinarian to conduct an in-depth review. The veterinarian team revealed an internal tendon injury to the right hind leg. That original injury likely led to an internal tendon injury to his left hind leg as well. To ensure Majlo’s quality of life prevailed, and at the recommendation of his vet care team, Majlo received advanced care at the University of Knoxville – College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM).

Photo of K9 Majlo

Majlo’s treatment and rehabilitation program through UTCVM led to his recovery from the injuries. He can now return to full-duty, just like his past performance, where he has apprehended actively resisting, dangerous criminals, tracked suspects through rugged terrain, tracked missing persons, and detected illegal narcotics.

“The department is most appreciative of the staff at UTCVM and Majlo’s local veterinarian, Dr. Nicole Harris at Avenue Animal Hospital, who has and continues to be so gracious and caring of Majlo,” stated Chief James Hambrick. “Equally, the department is grateful for the support from city leadership and the Board of Commissioners, who ensured funding was available for Majlo’s treatment. This has been a true team effort, and the Mt. Juliet community is safer and better for it.”

Photo of Majlo and Officer Barth