Suspicious Package Investigation Underway at Harmony Senior Living Community

Final Update:

The package was rendered safe by hazardous device specialists and determined not to be a hazard. Residents returned back to their homes. Detectives continue to investigate the suspect’s actions.

We are grateful for our community’s understanding and patience as response teams worked to ensure everyone was safe and out of harm’s way.


After hazardous device specialists reviewed the package, it continues to appear suspicious. Therefore, a further, more detailed examination is necessary to ensure it is not a danger to the community.

Approximately 70 residents are evacuated from their rooms, isolated inside a safe location, and under the care of staff and available medics.

Investigations of this nature can take time, but they are necessary and thorough to limit any risk to the community and investigative teams.


Evacuated residents are being cared for by the living community staff and medics are on-site.


Officers are investigating a suspicious package at Harmony of Mt. Juliet Senior Living Community, at 103 Belinda Parkway, after a disorderly individual arrived with a suspicious package. Moment ago, officers responded to a call of an impaired, disorderly adult male suspect who was threatening staff. The suspect dropped a suspicious package, and he is in custody. Out of an abundance of caution, an evacuation of residents is underway until the contents of the case can be determined. No resident or staff member has been harmed.