Evading Suspect Surrenders After Not Complying with Officers’ Requests to Show Hands and Exit Vehicle

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – An adult male, who fled a traffic stop during an encounter with a Wilson County Sheriff’s deputy, was stopped by a Mt. Juliet Police officer and eventually surrendered after initially not complying with requests to show his hands and exit the car. Around 11:35 a.m., the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office notified the department about a suspect that had just fled a deputy during a traffic stop in Lebanon. A detailed car description was provided to Mt. Juliet officers, and an officer spotted the vehicle traveling on I-40 west with a flat tire. The officer attempted to stop the suspect, and the suspect did not initially pull over but continued to drive at low speeds until pulling into the parking lot of Mattress Firm at 85 N. Mt. Juliet Road.

Once in the parking lot, the suspect was requested to show his hands, but the suspect always kept one or both hands hidden from the officers’ view. The suspect was requested to exit the car, and the suspect would not exit the car. Officers continued to talk with the suspect, and crisis negotiators responded to the incident. After nearly 30 minutes of dialogue, the suspect surrendered and exited the car. Officers then took him into custody.

Further investigation revealed a loaded handgun and illegal drugs in the car. The suspect also had a suspended driver’s license.

Since the suspect initially fled from the Wilson County Sheriff’s deputy, their agency handled most of the investigation. However, the suspect was also charged for his unlawful actions during his encounter with Mt. Juliet Police officers.