Statement from Chief Hambrick on Old Lebanon Dirt Road Response

A statement from Police Chief James Hambrick:

“Earlier this week, our department noticed the advertisement for a planned large event on Global Vision Bible Church’s property at 2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Road. While the church property is outside of Mt. Juliet’s city limits, the roadway of Old Lebanon Dirt Road is in the city limits, and our department has a duty to ensure Old Lebanon Dirt Road remains clear for safe vehicular traffic and emergency response. Additionally, nearby private property owners are also in Mt. Juliet’s city limits, and we have a duty to assist private property owners with trespassing issues.

Previous large events on this property have created extreme congestion by blocking Old Lebanon Dirt Road and private property issues in the past. Therefore the department began developing a contingency plan earlier this week to respond to community-impacting incidents, such as blocked roadways, unlawful parking, and trespassing. Early this morning, we began receiving reports of Old Lebanon Dirt Road blocked, and the department immediately responded.

Officers continue to be present along Old Lebanon Dirt Road as they work to keep traffic flowing. Additionally, officers continue to assist private property owners with trespassing issues, including vehicle abandonment on their property. Digital message boards were deployed that warn motorists of unlawful parking and tow risk, and traffic cones have been placed alongside the road. We are also coordinating with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office due to community impacts spreading across jurisdictional boundaries.

Private entities are not paying for the department’s services, and the City is making efforts to document all costs associated with the response to be reimbursed. The event is scheduled throughout the weekend, and our officers will remain present as they work to limit impacts on our residents and ensure Old Lebanon Dirt Road remains open and safe.”