A Message to Mt. Juliet from Chief Hambrick regarding the death of Mr. Tyre Nichols

Our department’s sincerest prayers and condolences are with Tyre Nichols’ family, loved ones, and the Memphis community.

The actions we have all witnessed in the released video footage are criminal, appalling, and indefensible. We watched as former Memphis police officers completely disregarded their oath of office and disregarded basic human dignity. Everyone should be heartbroken and angry as we process this tragedy.

The department unequivocally condemns the cruel, violent assault of Tyre Nichols by those former police officers. We commend the swift actions of the Memphis Police Department, investigative teams, and District Attorney to hold the former officers accountable for their actions.

The men and women of the Mt. Juliet Police Department dedicate themselves to the department’s core values of compassion, commitment, courage, competence, and integrity. As police officers, we swore an oath to uphold those values, support the Constitution, and honor the sanctity of human life. I reinforce our commitment to always represent the values of who police officers should be, and we will continue to work incredibly hard through our actions to grow and maintain the strong bond we already have with of our wonderful community, which we are all a part of.

I see firsthand the care and commitment Mt. Juliet’s police officers have for MJ, and they will always take care of this community.

– Chief James Hambrick