MJPD Assure Community Safety, Security, and Smooth Traffic Flow at Celebrate Mt. Juliet Event

Event details, maps, and timelines are contained within this message.

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Mt. Juliet Police Department officers and volunteers are committed to ensuring safety, security, and efficient traffic flow during this Saturday’s Celebrate Mt. Juliet event at Charlie Daniels Park. As the community comes together to enjoy this exciting event, police and volunteer staff will have a strong presence throughout Charlie Daniels Park and surrounding areas, prioritizing the well-being of all attendees. They are available to provide assistance and address any concerns that may arise.

The department’s primary focus will be maintaining a safe and secure environment, allowing everyone to embrace the festivities fully. In support of this objective, the department asks community members to remember some safety tips:

  1. Remain alert and report suspicious activity: The department urges attendees to stay vigilant and promptly report any suspicious behavior or activity to police officers present at the event. Our community’s assistance in keeping the community safe is invaluable.
  2. Stay hydrated and take care of yourself: It is crucial to stay hydrated, especially during outdoor events. We encourage attendees to drink plenty of water and take regular breaks to prevent dehydration and ensure their well-being.

The department also recognizes the importance of efficient traffic management to enhance the overall experience. To minimize congestion and streamline traffic flow, they have worked closely with the Parks and Recreation Department to implement the following measures:

  1. Designated parking areas: Specific parking lots have been allocated to accommodate the anticipated number of vehicles. Event staff will guide motorists to these designated parking areas. Please follow instructions and park only in authorized locations. Entering parking lots off of Woodridge Place will provide quicker access to parking.
  2. Shuttles are available: Shuttles are provided throughout the different parking locations that attendees can ride to get to the event area at Charlie Daniels Park.
  3. Observe traffic instructions: Pay close attention to traffic signage, cones, and directions provided by officers or event staff. Following their guidance will contribute to a smooth flow of vehicles and ensure a positive experience for all.

Mt. Juliet police officers and volunteers are here to serve. By working hand in hand with the community, Celebrate Mt. Juliet will be a resounding success. Real-time updates and important announcements related to the event will be available on our social media platforms and MJAlert texts (Register to receive MJAlert texts by texting “MJ” to the phone number “67283”. The department encourages all to connect to stay informed.