Man Attempting to Sell Firearm in Parking Lot Gets Ambushed, Shot At, and Returns Fire

11/10/23 11:00 p.m. Update: Detectives have recovered the SUV, involved in this evening’s shooting incident at Target, at a location in Nashville. Strong leads continue be pursued in apprehending those responsible.

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – A man attempting to sell a firearm in a parking lot was ambushed, shot at, and returned fire during a robbery attempt. Friday evening around 6:00 p.m., Mt. Juliet’s emergency communications center received calls of “active shooting and people ducking behind cars,” in the Target parking lot in Providence Marketplace at 401 S. Mt. Juliet Road.

The incident occurred when two parties met in the Target parking for what was believed to be the sell of a firearm. While the seller, accompanied by his wife in the car, was meeting an individual who was buying the firearm, the seller was ambushed by a second person who began firing shots along with the buyer. The victim immediately ran to his car, grabbing a firearm, to return fire. While the two parties exchanged gunfire, both suspects fled in an SUV. MJPD’s license plate readers captured the license plate of the suspect SUV that is registered out of Nashville. Multiple shell casings were found in the Target parking lot, and one bullet went through a window at the Red Robin restaurant. Two off-duty MJPD officers were eating at Red Robin, heard the gunfire, and immediately ran to the incident

The victim and his wife remained on the scene and are cooperating with the investigation. Three suspects are believed to be a part of this incident between the driver, supposed buyer, and person who first opened fire. The remaining suspects are not believed to still be in the area.

The department encourages everyone, who is attempting to sell something to a stranger, to meet them in safe transaction locations designated at local police departments.