Officers Interrupt and Chase Multiple Car Burglary Suspects Overnight

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Car burglary suspects were interrupted overnight after police received a call of a speeding SUV. On Saturday, April 29, 2017 around 3:00 a.m., officers were summoned to Chatsworth Drive after a caller reported a speeding small black SUV. Prior to officers arriving, the caller provided updates about two black male and two black female suspects exiting the black SUV and casing the street.

When officers arrived, the suspects and the black SUV were no longer on Chatsworth Drive, but officers remained in the area of the Hickory Hills and Willoughby Station neighborhoods while they looked for the suspects. Subsequently, an officer found the black SUV and pursued the vehicle to Virginia Hill Drive. When the pursuit ended on Virginia Hill Drive, two black male and two black female suspects ran from the officer into the woods after ditching the black SUV that purposely rolled back into the pursuing patrol car. The black SUV was confirmed to be stolen out of Nashville. 

Nearly at the same moment of the first pursuit, another officer attempted to stop a second suspect vehicle in the Willoughby Station neighborhood. However, the officer quit chasing due to officers needing assistance in the first pursuit. While searching for the four suspects that ditched the stolen black SUV, it is believed that the second suspect vehicle successfully picked-up the four suspects that fled. Officers spotted that vehicle and pursued it into Hermitage along West Division Street. Officers quit pursuing because the speeds reached a dangerous threshold and risk to the public.

Mt. Juliet Police continue to remind residents to lock their cars and remove their valuables. It is also important to leave porch and security lights on during the night. In addition, any suspicious vehicles or persons out in a neighborhood should be reported to police immediately. The department will continue to heavily patrol the area in hopes of preventing and apprehending car burglary suspects.