Detectives Recover Stolen BMW in Nashville; Police Continue to Urge Community Members to Lock Cars

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – Early this morning, an unlocked BMW was stolen from the Jackson Hills neighborhood, and it has already been recovered by detectives in Nashville. Early this morning, around 4:30 a.m., a victim reported a 2014 BMW 328 car stolen from their driveway. The car was unlocked with the keys inside. Detectives immediately began to investigate the theft, and they recovered the car in Nashville later this afternoon.

In addition, five unlocked car burglaries were reported over the weekend. The cars were rummaged through, but nothing of value was stolen. The police department continues to remind and urge the community to lock their cars and remove all valuables. Information obtained throughout the investigations lead detectives to believe that many of these crimes are connected among multiple cities. The thieves travel from city to city around the Nashville area and target safe neighborhoods where residents have a higher likelihood of leaving their cars unlocked.

Most of the unlocked car burglaries are occurring after midnight and into the early morning. The suspects usually load up into a stolen vehicle and drive it around to the different neighborhoods to commit their crimes. When the suspects reach an area, multiple get on foot to quickly find unlocked cars. In addition, many of the thieves have been known to be armed, so they should not be confronted if spotted. The police department should be contacted immediately if something suspicious is spotted or if there is a crime in progress. With many school systems heading into Summer break, it is very likely that this activity will increase.