5-year-old Child Fatally Struck By a Vehicle

Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – A child has died after being struck by a pick-up truck in Mt. Juliet. Ethan Page, 5, of Mt. Juliet was playing on his family’s property located off Main Street in Mt. Juliet when he fell into the path of truck driven by Jimmy Allmon, 73, of Mt. Juliet. Mr. Allmon was assisting the Page family with preparations for an upcoming cancer benefit. As he was driving down the driveway in his Ford F250 truck, Ethan Page was struck and critically injured.

Ethan Page, 5, of Mt. Juliet (Photo Provided By Parents)

Ethan Page, 5, of Mt. Juliet
(Photo Provided By Parents)

“Our community is grieving with the Page family. This is such a terrible, terrible incident. Any tragic death of a child is very sad and difficult to deal with,” stated Mt. Juliet Police Chief James Hambrick. “Our department’s thoughts and prayers are with the family, community, and our emergency responders.”

After Ethan was struck, witnesses to the incident immediately called for help. An ambulance was quickly dispatched to the scene, and Ethan was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Mt. Juliet police officers closed intersections through Mt. Juliet while the ambulance was en route to the hospital to prevent any delay. Upon arrival to the hospital, Ethan was pronounced dead.

Mt. Juliet Police Sergeant Hamblen, a crash reconstructionist, conducted a thorough investigation regarding this incident. Lebanon Police Department’s crime scene investigators assisted Sgt. Hamblen in his investigation. The investigation revealed that this incident was an extremely tragic, sad event. Mr. Allmon was driving down the driveway and noticed a bicycle laying in the driveway’s path. Mr. Allmon stopped, and Ethan removed the bicycle out of the way. Mr. Allmon proceeded forward, and Ethan began to run alongside the truck. Ethan tripped and fell into the truck’s path, which led to him being struck.

There will be no criminal charges placed on Mr. Allmon, the driver. Mr. Allmon is a family friend to the Page’s, and there is no relation between him and Ethan. The cancer benefit that was scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 23 was cancelled, but it will be rescheduled in the near future.